Federal Civil Service Act is my first priority says Minister Amanlal Modi

@Biratnagar Airport

Biratnagar : Newly appointed Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Amanlal Modi has said that bringing the Federal Civil Service Act is his priority. He said this while speaking at a press conference organized by Press Center Morang in Biratnagar. Minister Modi has said that he is trying to table the Act in the Parliament within 2 months so that it is passed by this session of the Federal Parliament.

"I will try to bring the Civil Service Act in this session. We are working hard so that we would be able to table possibly within 2 months" Modi said. All political parties are responsible for implementing federalism. The Act comes to implement federalism and to judge the employees he added.

Modi said that the issue of whether to make the employee limit 60 years or not in the Act has not been decided. I am studying. 58, 59 or 60 years is one or the other. It is solved by discussing with all the sectors and taking suggestions from political parties. I have also discussed this matter with the Prime Minister and the Home Minister," said Modi. Stating that bringing the Federal Civil Code is the first task of his ministry, what is the reason for not being able to come for it earlier and how far has it been stuck? He also said that it is under study.

He also said that the custom of giving the local level will be stopped as much as possible. I am trying to improve the problems seen in the administration from the local level. I have started from my own ministry to maintain good governance. I have started monitoring from the ministry about whether the employees have come on time. The files of employee transfer and promotion are being brought by intermediaries. If anyone does that, I have said that they will be made party to the action immediately," Modi said. It is authorized to go to the rural municipality. There is a deputy secretary in the municipality. There is a joint secretary in the metropolitan city, but due to the pressure of the political party or the power center, there is a tendency to go as a deputy. I want to end it. I have tried to start by going wherever there is a rank and position.


He also said that he is taking a list of the names of all the employees who are sitting in the verandas and in Fazil across the country. "My campaign is to bring employees everywhere," he said, "They have been staying in our ministry chronically for years. Some have stayed for 5 years and some for 7 years. We will improve it. Change the branch for those who have been in the same branch for 2 years. If it has been sitting for more than 3 years, send it. We have prepared that if they are in one place for more than 4 years, they will be sent to the local level and if some are in easy reach, they will be sent to remote areas. We are in the process of implementation.

In another context, he said that he was of the opinion that Nepal does not need a lot of manpower technically and that it could have been reduced. He also said that there should be a debate on whether the new government will be able to hire contract workers like in the US. In Nepal, there is a practice of being a permanent employee after passing the public service. At least there are other models in the world. In America, there is a model of hiring 50 percent of new employees after the new government comes,' said Modi, 'I think that at least 20 percent of employees will be hired in the same way in Nepal. I have put my opinion on this debate.

Modi visited his home district and his constituency Morang for the first time after being appointed as a minister. During his stay in Morang, there is also a program where he will thank the people of the constituency and give necessary instructions to the staff officers. It is said that Minister Modi will return to Kathmandu on Sunday.

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